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Hanna Arendt's The Origin of Totalitarianism: Antisemitism, 1951.

Mitsuho IKEDA

This is a remarkable century which opened with the Revolution and ended with the Affaire! Perhaps it will be called the century of rubbish. - ROGER MARTIN DU GARD

Chapter one: Antisemitism as an Outrage to Common Sense 3
Chapter two: The Jews, the Nation-State, and the Birth of Antisemitism 11
    i: The Equivocalities of Emancipation and the Jewish State Banker 11
    ii: Early Antisemitism 28
    iii: The First Antisemitic Parties 35
    iv: Leftist Antisemitism 42
    v: The Golden Age of Security 50
Chapter three: The Jews and Society
 i: Between Pariah and Parvenu 56
    ii: The Potent Wizard 68
    iii: Between Vice and Crime 79
Chapter four: The Dreyfus Affair
    i: The Facts of the Case 89
    ii:  The Third Republic and French Jewry 95
    iii: Army and Clergy Against the Republic. 100
    iv: The People and the Mob 106
    v:  The Jews and the Dreyfusards 117
    vi: The Pardon and Its Significance 119



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